• Anna Alagyozyan C.Ht.

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

I want to share a beautiful story with you - my past life regression experience.

As a little girl I had dreams about an old man, a very sad and lonely man. In my dream, I was that man. I was in his big, strong body feeling hopeless and weak...

This dream accompanied me throughout my childhood. Then as an adult, I noticed it reoccurring every time an important event happened in my life. It stopped long before I became a hypnotherapist, and it faded away from my memory. Before I started practicing past life regression with my clients, I decided to have a session for myself. My dear old man came into my sight one last time in my deep hypnotic state. Right after I woke up, I wrote down everything I saw:

England, year 1804, a foggy day, the lighthouse beacon is the only light I see. I’m a big, tall, strong man. I am walking toward the beacon in my old boots. I am a lighthouse keeper and this is my home. I open the squeaky door and go inside. I’m in twilight, going up the stairs. I feel heaviness in my legs and emptiness in my heart…I’m all alone, no family, no people around; the closest village is miles away. This is my life. I chose to be alone. I’m in peace...

The next scene I see is the moment of my last breath. I die in peace, all alone. My soul rises above the lighthouse and stops there. I hear the voice in my mind: “The light has to shine…the light has to shine…” And then I'm falling, reaching the top of the tower, diving in, and becoming one with the light.

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